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Rev. David Sickelka, Senior Pastor

To learn more:

  • contact Amy Murray if you want to form a new small group

Small Groups

Check your Sunday bulletin, The CALL, and the Small Group Ministry bulletin board for information about other small group opportunities.

Art Club | Book Club | Bowtie Boyz | Dinner with Friends | Food for Body/Soul | Green Boat Group | History-Archive Group | Memorial Garden Committee | Prayer Circle | Prayer Shawl Ministry | Women's Fellowship | 7th-12th Grade Youth Group

Art Club

Currently inactive, but still offers handmade greeting cards available for purchase on the table in the outer narthex. Proceeds from greeting card sales go to the general church budget.

Book Club

Love to read? Or talk about books? Please join us. We regularly meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.. Check The Call for current and upcoming featured books. Contact Ruth Rasmussen for more information.


Bowtie Boyz

A group of men who meet once or twice each month on Saturday at church to share a breakfast we prepare. We are a mission-based group that gets involved in church work projects, raising money for youth camperships and other service projects. We welcome new participants. Contact Steve Rebelsky or Mark Siegel for more information.

Dinner with Friends

"How 'bout some dinner with friends?" This small group goes out to dinner together from time to time at restaurants in the Des Moines area. Any and all who are interested are invited to join us for leisurely nights out for fun, friendship, and a delicious meal. One intention of the group is to support newer and emerging eateries in the greater Des Moines area. Email Amy Christensen, amy.christensen@urbucc.org, or Jeff Sontag, jeff.sontag@urbucc.org, for more information.

Food for the Body, Food for the Soul

We gather monthly for a themed, gourmet potluck to feed the body. We also discuss a "spiritual" book to feed the soul. RSVP needed. Contact Randy Jedele, randy.jedele@urbucc.org, to get more info!


Green Boat Group

Meets monthly for potluck and fellowship with the purpose of supporting each other as a faith community, as we learn about the environment and are propelled into action. Check the Call and Sunday bulletin for activities and announcements. Join the UUCC Green Boat facebook group!

History-Archive Group

This group is not currently meeting, but it will get together as needed.

Memorial Garden Committee

The Memorial Garden Committee maintains and tends our church's Memorial Garden. All are invited and welcome to help care for the garden as a living reminder and celebration of our members, past and present. Contact Chris Gonazalez for more information.

Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle communicates by phone or email about prayer requests of the community. For more information, see the Caregiving Ministries page.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

We provide Prayer Shawls to people experiencing a difficult circumstance, such as a serious illness, recovery from major surgery, the loss of a loved one, or journey through a transitional period in life. For more information, see the Caregiving Ministries page.


Women's Fellowship

We provide not only fellowship for the women of the church, but also offer personal and spiritual growth. We also provides service to the church (e.g., collating The Call and getting it ready for mailing) and the wider community (e.g., a Birthday Party is held yearly for children at Moulton School). All women in the congregation are eligible for membership. We usually meet in the afternoon, the 2nd Wednesday of the month, September through May.

7th-12th Grade Youth Group

The Youth Group meets during the program year. Check The Call and the Sunday bulletin for activities.