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Rev. David Sickelka, Senior Pastor

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  • check The Call for current caregiving training opportunities

Our Caregiving Ministries

Pastoral Caregivers | Prayer Circle | Prayer Shawl Ministry

Pastoral Caregivers

Trained volunteers in our congregation are available to provide support to church members when the need arises. Caregivers do not replace our Senior Pastor, but work with our pastor in order to provide appropriate care in times of need. We all face difficult times in our lives and our Caregiving Ministry seeks to be a helpful and compassionate presence for those who request support.

Request a Caregiver

If you want to receive help from a caregiver, please contact Bonita Wiley or John Chaplin at caregivers.2@urbucc.org, or Jo Lilley (for the homebound), jo.lilley@urbucc.org. You may also call the church office or talk with the senior pastor or Rev. Amy about your needs, and they can assist in getting you connected to a caregiver.

Be a Volunteer Caregiver

If you want to be a caregiver, we offer two types of groups:

Caregivers Group 1

One group of Pastoral Caregivers serves members of the church who:

  • are ill
  • have suffered the loss of a loved one
  • are confined to their homes, or
  • have special needs

Several caregivers serve in a "phone pals" program, pairing a caregiver with a church member who lives alone. Each day, the caregiver calls at a pre-arranged time for companionship and reassurance.

Caregivers also assist the pastor in serving communion to those unable to attend church. Other caregivers serve on an as-needed basis.

Caregivers Group 1 meets with the pastor on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 9:30 am to report on the care and needs of church members. Contact Jo Lilley if you want to join this group.


Caregivers Group 2

This group of caregivers provides confidential assistance to church members who may be:

  • going through relationship issues
  • grieving a loss
  • facing a new life transition
  • struggling with parenting issues
  • experiencing a health crisis
  • dealing with a mental health issue
  • looking for support on their spiritual journey

Caregivers Group 2 meets on an ongoing basis to provide support for one another and to receive additional training. The co-facilitators are Bonita Wiley and John Chaplin; contact them at caregivers.2@urbucc.org.


Prayer Circle

The Prayer Circle does not meet in person. Rather, we communicate by phone or email about prayer requests of the community. All you need to join us is a desire to pray for those who request it. Requests are kept confidential within the circle. Contact Maryellen Knowles, maryellen.knowles@urbucc.org.


Prayer Shawl Ministry

We provide Prayer Shawls to people experiencing a difficult circumstance, such as a serious illness, recovery from major surgery, the loss of a loved one, or journey through a transitional period in life. Our purpose is to blanket our church family members with love, comfort and healing and to extend this love into the community. Persons who know how to knit or crochet are welcome to participate. Prayer Shawl makers have the option of making prayer shawls on their own time or with the group that meets periodically throughout the year. Dates and times are often put in the Sunday bulletin prior to meeting, and Prayer Shawl Group members and other interested people are also informed by email. For more information, email prayer.shawls@urbucc.org.

If you want to request a prayer shawl for someone, please submit a request card (available on the prayer shawl display in the narthex) or email prayer.shawls@urbucc.org.